King and queen

Other therapies

Couple therapy: a crisis is an opportunity to deepen the relationship. The couple is the privileged place where different aspects of the personality, markedly the unconscious ones, manifest themselves. Looking at the symbolic dimension of the elements of the conflict, alternating sessions for each individual and sessions together allow redeeming what is positive in the crisis, what will transform the relationship and each individual.

Close, although different

Multi cultural couple therapy: the added dimension of different cultural background is a frequent cause for misunderstandings, but is also a source of rich potential. My experience with numerous situations enables a better and quicker seizing of the conscious and unconscious aspects of the couple. Each person can then better understand him/her self and the other for mutual growth.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an application of some of Jung’s theories to practical life. The results help emphasize or confirm one’s strengths and weaknesses, one’s dynamics and potential, understand how one relates to others. MBTI is the most used psychological tool in the world to understand differences in personalities, from the individual, couple or family point of view, as well as professional or organisational point of view.

Professional coaching: job situations put personality and couple cohesion to the try by the growth opportunities, stress and frustrations they bring, as well as by the dedication they require. My own direct experience enables me to grasp what is at stake.
Stress, even burn-out situations are sometimes difficult for the person herself/himself to notice; working with a psychotherapist coach gives the necessary step back.