Voir au-delà du quotidien

About analytical psychology / Jungian psychoanalysis

It is based on the existence and the role of the unconscious, with its transforming capacities. A change is possible by virtue of the prospective aspect of the unconscious, if we accept to look into ourselves.
Marie-Louise von Franz, who directly worked with Jung, wrote: “most contemporary schools of psychology ground their theory of man on the presupposed knowing of what psychic illness is and what is human normality. Opposite to this approach is the Jungian approach to therapy, which can be noted as being homeopathic: we do not pretend to know what is good for the patient, but we trust the self healing forces of the psyche. This is why this approach brings all its attention understanding these self healing forces and strives favouring them, nothing more. Nevertheless we would not be capable to grasp these trends of the soul towards healing without deciphering the language of dreams, through which the psyche expresses itself”.